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Defective Products Can Leave A Lasting Injury

Defective products can be injurious to your health or highly dangerous in terms of physical safety. Injuries from defective products may occur for different reasons: the product was produced incorrectly or is unsafe, or the product may be dangerous due to improper or unclear instructions for use. At Williams & Ackley P.L.C., we have been helping people harmed by defective products for over three decades, and we have earned our clients’ trust with the careful handling and attention we give to each of their cases. We use the knowledge and experience that we have gained to provide our clients with an optimized legal strategy that is designed to get them the compensation that they need to be made whole again.

It is a consumer’s right in many cases that if a defective product is sold, the affected consumer may file a lawsuit against the company or the dealer, and the concerned seller or manufacturer may come under jurisdiction of Florida law for selling a defective product. We can help you enforce your rights and help you get the compensation that you need to recover.

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