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Faulty Pharmaceuticals Can Be Dangerous

Over 100,000 deaths take place every year from non-error, unfavorable effects of medicine, and 7,000 more die per year as a consequence of prescription mistakes in hospitals. At Williams & Ackley P.L.C., our pharmaceutical lawyers deal with issues such as medical malpractice, pharmaceuticals, FDA regulations, medication errors, over-the-counter medication and drug recalls. They have decades of experience in getting compensation for clients who have been wrongfully injured, and when you have been hurt by a medical provider, you need a team that is not afraid to take on a complex case. No matter what your situation, we are willing to listen and help you figure out how you can potentially get compensation for the harm that you have suffered.

We Are Prepared To Help

If you or a loved one has experienced a serious injury or harm to health, or if your loved one has died from an unsafe drug or device, you may consider legal action. At Williams & Ackley P.L.C., we have an ARPN and a board-certified physician assistant on staff to support our attorneys in analyzing your case and formulating a legal strategy that is informed by their medical experience. You can schedule a free, confidential consultation with one of our team members by calling us at 727-361-2973. If you are more comfortable writing us, then you can send us a message online with a short description of your case.